I have always been interested in adult crime shows, but I have never thought to analyze the data and trends of those imprisoned. I decided to analyze juvenile incarceration but apply the same sort of data requirements that one would for adult data. For example, instead of just analyzing the…

I chose to put two charts showing analyzing correlation and then three charts showing the data I used for the correlation. I used two separate data sets to make these graphs. As I continue to work on this I want to add graphs based off of gender. It would be interesting to compare males and females to the total in these graphs.

Is Location Everything?

Dubai has had a significant growth in real estate development over the last 20 years. In recent years, some regions in the city have become more attractive for investment in real estate due to the location and proximity to certain amenities, retail, entertainment, and dining. As seen in the chart below, by analyzing transaction data from the months of January and February of 2021, certain areas appears to have had a lot more demand and consequently sale transactions for both villa and building products. From the data it is evident that some areas are in more demand than others.

Life Expectancy of The Alphabet

I chose six different countries from around the world to analyze life expectancy at birth. The data on the slope chart shows the differentiation between all of the countries, especially Saudi Arabia being so far below the rest of the other countries. To compare the data set I also analyzed the life expectancy at birth for females and males. It is evident that the life expectancy at birth for females is much higher than males, there is a peak in the chart when it reaches females it then declines at males.

Houda Tabbal

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